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While it seems obvious that fighting is common in this land, some of its customs may need extra explanation. The beginning of any civilized conflict must include the trading of an item by each general involved. The items value is often a reflection of how confident the general is of winning the conflict. Additionally when high value items are given to an opposing general, soldiers will often attempt to retrieve it in order to gain favor with their commanding officer. If items of low value are given by each general sometimes they will determine to resolve their conflict at a different time.

No individual duels are allowed, but many people who feel themselves a victim will hire a trio of fighters to avenge them. The tradition of fighting trios has been passed down from ages ago, and rarely leads to actual death. Often a simple no weapons fight will get the point across.

Magic use and skills will be similar to the system used in my other campaign Bloodsands

If you are interested in making a play by post group I would be happy to do so. I just have been searching around and found a very insightful set of pointers on it here. If you have any additional notes on it please send them to me so I can begin posting them in this area.

Main Page

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